Rapid Spill Control Training Information

A full training package is available free of charge with Spill Response Kits. This package includes:

The structure of the course is as follows.

Course Structure

1.0 Product Knowledge

2.0 Training objectives

3.0 Why is preparation for accidental spills important? (legal responsibilities)

4.0 Spill Response Procedure
     4.1 Contain
     4.2 Absorb
     4.3 Dispose
     4.4 Incident reporting
     4.5 Restock
     4.6 Review

5.0 Video presentation

6.0 Getting the best from your Spill Kit

7.0 Spill Response Training Assessment

If you would like a copy of the Spill Station Spill Kit Training Package, please include the word "Training Package" in the "Special Instructions" field at final checkout.


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